How To Play T-Bone Shuffle On Guitar | T-Bone Walker Guitar Lesson + Tutorial | Melody Lesson

Let's learn how to play the melody to the T-Bone Shuffle by T-Bone Walker on guitar. I posted the rhythm guitar parts lesson here a few days back here:

After I posted this video a lot of you were sending me requests and commenting asking me to cover the melody part to this song, so here it is just for you. I would recommend working through both of these lessons and adding this song to your blues guitar repertoire. It's a classic from an original pillar of blues guitar. 

The main melody to this song is just a short phrase that gets edited to fit the chords of our standard blues progression. I'll break it down for you note-for-note so you can understand the theory behind why this works and then go and play it right along with the original T-Bone Walker recording. Let's break it down!

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