How To Play Before You Accuse Me On Guitar | Eric Clapton Guitar Lesson + Tutorial


Eric Clapton has a really unique way of playing fingerstyle guitar that is rooted in the country blues fingerpickers from the Mississippi delta. In today's lesson I'll explain his acoustic guitar approach to this 12-bar blues progression in the key of E.

This is the first track off the Eric Clapton Unplugged album that Clapton sings on after the opening instrumental "Signe". "Before You Accuse Me" was originally written by Bo Diddley.

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Before You Accuse Me Ending Lick | Guitar Lesson + TABS | Eric Clapton Guitar Tutorial

Having some blues endings under your fingers is an essential skill you must develop to be able to end songs. Sometimes musicians are all stuck onstage staring at each other wondering how to end a song.

This is where you can come in and have a solid ending lick in your "bag of tricks" as guitar players say to end the song strong and confidently. In today's featured lesson I'll show you how Eric Clapton ends his version of "Before You Accuse Me" from the Eric Clapton Unplugged record with TABS on-screen.

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