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✅INSTANT access to over 43 lessons in a step-by-step path for playing blues guitar
✅Stream the course forever
✅Download the TABs and sheet music for all examples
✅Download bonus jam tracks
✅Download podcast style audio of the entire course and listen on-the-go
✅Three camera angles shot in beautiful HD - one on the fretting hand, one on the strumming hand, and a wide angle 
✅Learn anywhere on-the-go with free access to the app 
✅Speed up or slow down any example inside the course
✅Easily track your progress on this step-by-step path
✅Unlock tricks and techniques used by the most famous blues players that ever lived


Your Instructor

I'm Jon MacLennan, a long-time Los Angeles-based musician, artist, songwriter, producer and instructor with over 20 years of experience playing music for a living and teaching acoustic/electric guitar and ukulele. As a session and touring musician, I have played guitar for top artists in the blues and rock genres, and for TV and film projects with major movie studios and television networks, including: Twentieth Century Fox, Disney Channel, the NHL and Amazon Studios. You may have seen my music lessons online, where I have helped MILLIONS of students improve their guitar playing, but I also enjoy surfing and I grew up playing guitar on the beach every day!


Here's what you'll learn:

Chapter 1 - The Essentials

✅The must-know basics of the 12-bar progression for a solid foundation in the blues
✅Understand how blues patterns are the key to millions of songs, not only in the blues genre, but also rock, country, pop, funk, jazz, r&b, fingerstyle and more
✅Eric Clapton's favorite blues chord shapes
✅Understand the most essential blues chords - the I, IV, and V
✅The best way to memorize the blues form explained three stanzas at a time
✅Learn the No. 1 must-know shuffle pattern for the 12-bar blues
✅How to use a quick IV in the blues
✅Introduction to what a turnaround lick is and how it can be placed in the last two bars of the blues form
✅Applying turnarounds to rhythm patterns
✅Expand on the basic shuffle rhythm pattern and start mixing it up
✅How to use triplets to get a classic Jimmy Page sound
✅Start string skipping with this classic turnaround that is great for your alternate picking
✅How to capture an authentic Texas blues sound with a Stevie Ray Vaughan "Texas triplet" style turnaround
✅One of the most classic Robert Johnson style turnaround phrases
✅How to use hybrid picking with this classic Muddy Waters style turnaround
✅How to change keys and play blues patterns in any key
✅Moveable guitar fingering for playing up and down the fretboard 
✅How to arpeggiate your blues patterns. This simple trick will break up your blues patterns and give you a completely different sound

Three Cinematic Quality Camera Angles




Chapter 2 - Bass Line and Riff Patterns

✅A 12-bar blues with a classic T-Bone Walker-style bass line
✅Swing a boogie woogie style guitar part through the blues form
✅Master the Freddie King style and carry a riff through the blues form. This approach is used in millions of songs
✅Apply a ii-V turnaround to the blues form
✅The secret sauce to Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm
✅How to combine chords and bass line parts together in the blues
✅How to play from a box pattern in the style of Otis Rush (with downloadable jam track) 
✅Combine eighth notes and eighth note triplets in the style of Buddy Guy
✅How to play blues behind a harmonica player
✅The most famous blues riff of all time 
✅Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley style in open tunings

Each lesson contains downloadable, easy-to-read TABs and sheet music guiding you through, note-by-note


Sheet Music

Chapter 3 - Scales and Vocabulary

✅What is the blues scale?
✅Learn the formula for a one octave blues scale in open position
✅Unlock five essential patterns to play the blues scale across the entire fretboard
✅Practice with five blues pattern lessons 
✅Identify the root notes in each pattern to map out how each blues scale pattern connects
✅Tips on how to practice the patterns 


✅ Learn the iconic train whistle lick used by Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many more 
✅ Discover a classic descending pattern that uses string skipping for a blues in the key of A 
✅Try this descending turnaround Dickey Betts used with the Allman Brothers 
✅How to incorporate hybrid picking, contrary motion and "Texas triplets" in this BB King-style turnaround
✅Combine a turnaround in the style of Little Walter with some classic T-Bone Walker dominant ninth chords
✅Ramp up your hybrid picking with one of Robert Johnson's most iconic phrases

Unlock tricks and techniques used by the most famous blues players that ever lived!

Techniques like:

✅Fingerstyle Blues
✅Hybrid Picking
✅Pick Style
✅Thumbpick Blues
✅Rhythm Styles
✅Arpeggio Picking
✅Open Tunings
✅Blues with a Capo
✅Playing Behind a Harmonica Player
✅Swing/Shuffle Feel
✅Muting Techniques for the Blues

and more!

This is the best online blues course ever and makes you feel you're achieving something with every section. Just the right balance of explanation and playing... Its like having JM in my living room with me!

Fantastic value at 10x the price! #HookedonJonMaclennan

-Jeremy Zielinski (Essential Blues Member) 

Easily track your progress as you go through over 43 lessons in this step-by-step course. You'll always know what to watch next. 

Chapter 4 - Putting it all Together - Conclusion

✅How to shorten the 12-bar blues down to an 8-bar blues form 
✅8-Bar Blues - Key to the Highway style (with downloadable jam track)
✅Buddy Guy Style Rhythm Blues 
✅Unlock one of the most classic blues sounds of all time using sliding triads
✅Stormy Monday-style blues
✅Master blues backing and hybrid picking in this breakdown of "Shutters Blues," Jon MacLennan's original song
✅Grab your thumbpick and unlock this down home blues sound used by Hubert Sumlin and Howlin' Wolf 
✅Head to the Mississippi Delta and learn this blues style used by Big Bill Broonzy 
✅Master your Clapton style acoustic blues fingerpicking with this 8-bar pattern (with downloadable jam track) 

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Thanks Jon! These are great...finding so much packed into each lesson that I am watching and re-watching the videos until I master the techniques. Every time I watch, I pick up something new. Feels great to grab my guitar and practice.

-Christian Fitzpatrick (Essential Blues Member)

Get INSTANT access to the Essential Blues Guitar System

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