Essential Blues Guitar System is now closed

I'd like to invite you to learn how to get up in front of friends, improvise the blues with confidence, and finally start being able to jam with others or along to your favorite recordings, all in as little as a few weeks. 

There’s no pride in trying to learn blues guitar alone. I learned to play by standing on the shoulders of giants — by studying from the very best mentors, painstakingly practicing for years and years, and testing these concepts touring the world and playing with some of the most influential blues legends in the biggest studios here in Los Angeles.

You can go through the same grueling ordeal for 25+ years. Or, by clicking right here, you can bypass all the pain and frustration and get instant access to my step-by-step framework to play authentic sounding blues guitar with confidence.

And of course, use this to jam with anyone.

Honestly, I have no doubt you can improve your playing on your own. The question is, how fast? And how long will it take you if you get frustrated and put the guitar back in closet for another few years?

Essential Blues Guitar System is your perfect curated step-by-step path for blues guitar.

Essential Blues Guitar System is currently closed, but when a spot opens up, you can be the first to know. Just sign up for the Essential Blues Guitar System waitlist below.


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