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"My favorite aspect of Jon's teaching is how well he's able to break things down into simple components. I think a lot of players who've been at it for awhile just tend to take some basics like chord progressions and strum techniques for granted - Jon really lays it all out in a very easy way to follow, also I love his enthusiasm."

Pam K.

"I'm a 68-year old picker who never took a lesson and can't read music. In my retirement I've begun to spend more time learning new things and Jon's lessons are very fulfilling. As a former college professor, I like his teaching technique. His lessons are focused and his patience and the pleasure he gets from instruction are obvious, and therefore infectious, which results in more learning by the student, who naturally looks forward to more. Keep up the good work."

Ken C.

"I love the way no matter what you already know, when you watch or listen to Jon you always learn something new."

Peter M.

"Jon is superb at showing you guitar technique in detail. Step by step, (chord) progression by progression, he will enlighten you with his mastery of guitar and teaching"

Brian O.

"Finally, someone who can teach the guitar and not just talk the talk. Teaching is a skill and Jon has it. He has patience and passion and you need both to teach...I have listened to lots of people on YouTube and such. If I had lessons as a kid my choice would be Jon. Thanks"

James H.

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