97% Of Guitarists Make
Little Mistakes
That Keep Them From
Playing Like They've Always Wanted



What if you could finally have fun with your guitar and play all your favorite songs without having to master complicated theory, spend thousands on private lessons, or even leave the comfort of your own home?

Hi, I'm Jon MacLennan.

Years ago, I taught face-to-face lessons here in
Los ​Angeles, California…

And I just added up I spent over 21,000 hours sitting down
​helping guitar players improve their playing…

And in those over 21,000 hours of teaching privately…

I found one factor that held students back the most…

Want to know what it was?

Little mistakes in their fundamentals….

Little mistakes that kept them from playing like they’ve always wanted…


Those 21,000 hours of teaching?

They came about from private lessons I gave only 3 days a week…

On the other days, I was in recording sessions with artists like Julian Lennon (son ​of Beatle John Lennon), and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)...

...I also toured all over with bands like Blues Traveler...

and even released 5 of my own albums...

After over 25+ years of a wild ride teaching, and playing professionally in one of the most competitive music cities in the world. 

One day I sat down and thought…

Wouldn’t that be awesome if I could go back in time, and teach my younger self EVERYTHING I know now?

Rewind to ground zero.

But this time, not just use any old, generic guitar method…

No, no, no…

If I got to start all over again, I would want the BEST way…

A way that beginners to almost pros could all benefit from…

An approach that tapped into the secrets I’ve gained from my experiences in the trenches with some of the best musicians in the world…

So I could avoid those little mistakes, fast-track my success, and leap-frog right over years of pain and struggle…

Well, unfortunately, time travel still doesn’t exist.

But what if instead of me going back and teaching my former self…

…I taught YOU…

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And what if you started playing so great that all your friends and family recognize the songs you play?

At first, they are shocked. They come rushing into the room and say, “Is that you playing?”

Then they watch in amazement as your fingers gracefully move up and down the neck (almost) without effort. 

Without these little mistakes, when others see you play. 

They compliment you and say, “Wow, you make it look easy...”

Your practice sessions no longer feel like hitting brick walls…

They’re FUN because every time you sit down to play, there’s MUSIC coming from YOUR fingers…

You’re filled with so much joy and happiness… 

Knowing you’re finally becoming the guitar player you’ve always wanted to be…

And it’s in these moments of pure bliss, you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven…

Well, friend, I’m here to tell you that this paradise can be REAL. 

And I’ve created a brand new way that lets you easily experience it WHENEVER you want…

So if that’s something you’re interested in. Don’t go anywhere. 

Because I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how to avoid those little mistakes and live your guitar dreams right here on this page…

Blind spots holding you back…

Most players aren’t aware of the blind spots they have in their guitar-playing journey. 

And no, it’s not the brand of guitar you use, what TAB sites you go to, or even your pedals or amps…

The key to becoming amazing on guitar is knowing how to recognize these blind spots. 

And then addressing them with deliberate actions…

In fact, this is exactly what the best players in the world have focused their attention on…

If you’re lucky enough to learn the right foundations from the beginning. Great, things are going to be smooth sailing for you…You’ll be miles ahead of everyone who hasn’t…

But if you skip over them, and have little mistakes… 

Later down the line, you’ll plateau.

And you’ll stay at the same level until you go back and fix these little mistakes…

This took me years of trial and error to figure out.

But this is one of the biggest differences between beginners and pros.

Think about it. 

How many amazing guitar players do you personally know?

They are few and far between. 

And this only reinforces my point of why these mistakes are the biggest hindrance to most players…

You see, even the best players still think about the basics every day…

They focus on them. And that’s why they can play…

So how can you do this?

Well, trying to cover all the foundations yourself, is going to be HARD. If not impossible…

Even with the massive amounts of resources available right at our fingertips…

From books to private lessons, and free YouTube tutorials online…

Sure, you can go that rabbit hole… 

But the problem is, it’s overwhelming,

And EASY to keep getting DISTRACTED and LOST…

Like when a new video pops up online…

Your heart’s racing, and inside you’re believing…

“This is it!...  

This is the video that’s finally going to change everything for me…”

But after those few quick moments of inspiration fade away…

You still don’t know what to do next…

One instructor says “Practice this scale…” while another one says, “No you better learn complicated theory…” 

…and then a third one cancels the other two out by saying, “No, all of that is a WASTE of time…”

And who should you trust?

Then there is another issue…

As I mentioned above, most methods are not written from the background of real-world experience…

And the very few that are written by great players, with real credibility, often tend to be difficult to follow…

For example, has this happened to you…

Have you ever watched a lesson from a famous guitar player but the lesson was terrible?

You’re watching it thinking, “What the heck are you talking about?... That makes no sense?...”

“Can you slow that down?”

You might admire their playing. 

But when it comes to getting results from their instructional methods it’s a no-go…

You see, just because someone is a great player, does not mean they are a great teacher…

But then there is the opposite problem as well. (Which NOBODY is talking about.)

What happens when you finally find someone who can explain things beautifully…

But when you’re done with the lesson, all you have is a watered-down version of the song…

You sound boring…

Or even worse, what if you're spending lots of time practicing something, but it doesn't take you toward your goal of playing music…

You’re only left playing some lame exercise…

…crossing your fingers, and clicking your heels together like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…

But instead of saying, “There’s no place like home…”

You’re saying, “Please play like Clapton…”

Bottom line, it doesn’t work…

Look, maybe your dream is to one day play at an open mic night… or at church…

…or perhaps you would LOVE to play solo quietly in your own home, singing along with all your favorite songs. 

ANYONE can learn to do this…

I know because I’ve done it, and I’ve also helped thousands of others do it too.

But players that go it alone often very quickly fall into ruts and most never get out.

The sad truth for these players is they often end up putting the guitar back in the closet. 

Only to never want to think about it again…

So let me share with you 3 of the most damaging false beliefs that keep players from enjoying guitar.

As you read, take a hard look, and see if you’ve fallen for any of these…

Talent Show Playing Guitar Silhouette


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Look, I’m living proof that some sort of magical “natural” talent is not needed to play the guitar.

I’m the only musician in my family, and I inherited zero talent from my parents. 

When I started, it was bad. 

I got complaints from the neighbors. 

Hit the wrong notes. Blanked in the middle of a song. 

I’ve even sung the wrong lyrics, and broke guitar strings while I was playing…

But I learned through consistent practice and great mentors. 

If you’ve been told you were not talented…

Well, that’s just a big myth…


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You might think the ship has sailed when it comes to playing along with all your favorite songs. 

But that’s just not true, and you don’t have to start young to play. 

I’ve taught students well into their 90s. I have a specific approach that makes learning more accessible. 

Plus did you know there are lots of scientific studies that prove playing guitar has some phenomenal benefits?

  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills
  • Stress Reduction
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Neurological Changes

In fact, guitar playing has been shown to boost dopamine and lift your mood. While ​also helping to reduce aches and pains…

The TRUTH is music has no age limits…

And the majority of my students are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

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Maybe you’ve been let down by a private teacher in the past…

Perhaps your instructor didn’t want to help you with the songs you wanted to play…

Or they tried to force you to learn complicated music theory…

Well, this is why my teaching style is VERY different. 

I have a knack for breaking down complicated things and making them easy

It's something my students value a lot. 

Plus because of all my real-world experience.

I know EXACTLY what will move the needle for you. 

This means you get to cut out all the fluff and play like you’ve always wanted much FASTER

But without the right guide, these false beliefs can be hard to overcome. 

I know because I went through them too…

And I found out, it’s not just more practice. 

It’s doing the RIGHT THINGS and in the RIGHT ORDER.

If players don’t know the proper steps, they can fall behind.

They can easily spiral back down into the never-ending abyss of videos online. 

But what if your life was different?


Just imagine what a day in your life could look like…

Pretend you were playing guitar during the day, but you stopped to eat a bite for dinner…

All during the meal, you couldn’t wait to get back to your guitar, and the songs you were working on…

After your last few bites, you quickly head back to your music room to keep on playing…

No longer do you feel overwhelmed by the guitar… 

In fact, you’re relieved because when you pulled up today’s practice lesson, there was only one thing you had to focus on…

Finally, you have a clear and concise path, and you’re following a system that WORKS.

You grab your guitar from the stand...

And you know EXACTLY where to place your fretting hand, and your strum hand too.

Next, you start again, fingers going through the motions… 

Both hands fall into place. 

They’re starting to hum like an engine getting up to speed.

Suddenly you hit cruise control and you’re playing almost automatically

Aches and pains are leaving your body…

You’re setting free the music inside of you…

You’ve filled in all the gaps in your fundamentals and you’re playing at a level you never dreamed possible…

Friend, if I could go back in time, and start all over again, this is how I would do it…

And now, I want to make this available to you too.


Essential Beginner Guitar System: ​What Every Guitarist Needs To Know

Finally…Have Fun With Your Guitar And Play All Your Favorite Songs!

The Essential Beginner Guitar System is a step-by-step online course that distills down everything you NEED to know about playing guitar, from my past 25+ years of experience, without the fluff or confusing music theory.

This shows you EXACTLY what I would teach myself if I could go back in time and start all over again…

Inside you’ll discover:


  • How to properly hold the guitar so you can play for hours without any aches and pains
  • The 3 key sections of the guitar and how the pros refer to them
  • How to position your fretting hand wrist so you can play relaxed and avoid arthritis 
  • The #1 pick I recommend to start with and why
  • Are you fighting your guitar when you play? Here’s what you need to know to make your playing look and feel effortless
  • What every guitarist needs to know about tuning
  • How to check your guitar's setup and string action
  • My sneaky way to self-asses your own playing posture so you always feel great, every time you play
  • How to stop dropping the pick – say goodbye to having to reach down to the floor in the middle of a song
  • 2 funny ways I’ve memorized the string names
  • WARNING: Here’s one of the biggest reasons students quit guitar and how to avoid this mistake like the plague


  • Are notes buzzing when you play? Here’s how to fix this for good
  • How to position your fretting hand thumb for maximum playing results with minimum effort
  • Do your fingers feel tired and sore when playing? Here’s how to find hidden leverage to make playing easy (most don’t know about or use this)
  • Your first exercise for faster fingers and better hand coordination
  • What every guitarist needs to know about calluses
  • How to avoid “glue fingers” so you can glide up and down the fretboard without a hitch
  • Everything you need to know to start reading TABS in less than 5 mins
  • What a riff is and how to play your first blues riff
  • Discover how to move riffs to different strings so you can create your own songs and variations
  • The single most important trick to increase your picking accuracy and consistency by 4600%
  • Easy one-string riffs for beginners
  • Confused about which fingers you should use in your fretting hand when you play? Here’s my simple system that lets you always know which fingers to use and why
  • The long-forgotten lever I lean on to create an infinite palette of new sounds every time I play…(whenever I use this my students always ask what secret pedals I’m using… the truth is there are none… it’s all in the hands, and this shows you how)
  • How to play your first easy full song using picking
  • Unlock how to play recognizable melodies on the guitar…do this and your friends will hear the tune in what you are playing (even without you singing)
  • My simple method to easily learn songs step-by-step so they stick and you can sound great playing them for friends and family
  • Where exactly you need to play on your fretting hand fingers to get the BEST sound possible (Hint: it’s NOT what you think)
  • Discover 3 of my most used techniques that let you play with more EXPRESSION and spice up your sound
  • My “FHP” trick to sound like Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin
  • One dead simple technique that lets you STOP hitting open strings by accident – You’ll play crisp and clean all over the neck
  • How to know all of the note names on the fretboard in less than 10 minutes
  • How to INSTANTLY play a major scale in any key



  • The 2 questions you need to ask to read chord diagrams fast (You can use this information to play millions of your favorite songs)
  • How to CONTROL your strum hand so you can groove along with any song all the time  
  • How the “O.K” sign helps you sound amazing up and down the neck
  • Does your strum hand get tired after playing for a few minutes? Here’s how to end fatigue and keep a foot-tapping groove going song after song
  • Know the tiny adjustments that make the BIG difference in your sound – They’re the difference between playing crisp and clean or hitting a load of horrible muted strings
  • Are your chord changes too slow to keep up with songs? Try these easy exercises to speed up your chord switching so you can finally keep the beat while strumming along to your favorite songs
  • Find out the most essential chord progressions you’ll use in millions of songs
  • Facts to know about time signatures
  • The 4 rhythms every guitarist needs to know to build ultimate confidence in their timing and find the beat in any song
  • How to sound your best when strumming
  • The EASIEST two-chord guitar song for beginners
  • What you must do if you want to truly FEEL the music as you play. (CAUTION: If you miss this your audience won’t feel your music either.) 
  • How to develop unshakeable rhythm so you can play “in time” without losing the beat
  • My simple formula for when to play a downstrum vs an upstrum…master this and your strumming will flow like a painter's brushstroke on a serene lake
  • One of the most important skills to develop if you want to play songs
  • 3x tips to DOUBLE your chord-changing speed
  • How to practice and progress WITHOUT your guitar
  • The #1 mistake newer players make that causes “chord-pause syndrome.” Here’s how to steer clear of this like it's quicksand.
  • 4 different ways to play a G chord and why
  • The psychology of learning guitar
  • How to read slash rhythms and chord charts
  • Use this to instantly access a whole new world of sounds from your guitar without having to learn to play anything new
  • The single most useful strumming pattern of all time and how to play it step-by-step
  • 3 practice accelerators that will speed you down the road to guitar success
  • Simple facts about how to use a capo
  • How to make your strumming sound 15x more expressive (All the pros do this, but you won’t find anyone talking about it)


  • The single most important concept you need to grasp if you want to play popular music on guitar (this video alone is worth the price of the course)
  • My 4-step checklist to make your chord changes sound smooth as silk 
  • How to get the most out of playing with a metronome 
  • The secret to palm-muting and how this technique can work in any style
  • How to play the blues using EASY power chords combined with palm-muting
  • A simple blues exercise to get your hands synchronized and grooving like a well-oiled machine
And much, MUCH more…
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“Thank you, Jon! Your teaching methods are great and easy to ​follow. I knew some basic chords but really did not know how to play ​songs. I hit a wall and needed help. You give exercises that are fun ​to practice. I now feel like I can actually move on and learn to play ​songs.”


–Timothy Gearheart

But that's not all of the insights, shortcuts, and strategies ​you'll get inside the Essential Beginner Guitar System. 

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  • Find any note, anywhere on the fretboard with this ​Fretboard Foundations PDF guide
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  • This handy resource will help you THRIVE on the ​fretboard for years to come

Bonus #2: Monthly Song Planner

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  • Use this PDF planner to write down your guitar goals
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Plus eliminate frustration that comes from picking songs that are too hard. ​These bonus lessons will give you the top 10 best songs you should continue ​with after the course.

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How much does it cost to finally have fun with ​the guitar, and learn to play your favorite songs?

Line Brush Element

This course is designed to give you at a minimum your first 6-8 months of guitar lessons.

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If you took one lesson a week, every week for 8 months, that’s going to run you $2,800.

Now, if you do this, will the guitar instructor you get have played with ​some of the BIGGEST names in the music ​industry?

Will they have a YouTube channel that currently helps over 1 million guitar players every single month from all over the world?

Probably not…

In fact, back when I taught privately, before going online. My clients happily paid me well over $5,000 to learn these same secrets.

Thankfully, since we can learn together online. I don’t have to charge anywhere near the private lesson rate of $5,000.

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I think so…

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  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons

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Plodding along in a sea of lessons online…

What if you get discouraged, and give up?

Be honest -- is that what you REALLY want?

Of course not.

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3 monthly installments

  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons

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Pay in full and save $54

  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons

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3 monthly installments

  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons

Best value


Pay in full and save $54

  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons

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3 monthly installments

  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons

Best value


Pay in full and save $54

  • Essential Beginner Guitar ​System course
  • 60-day, 100% Satisfaction ​Guarantee
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access And ​Updates
  • BONUS #1: Fretboard ​Foundations PDF Guide
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Song ​Planner
  • BONUS #3: Top 10 Best ​Beginner YouTube Song ​Lessons