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101 Best Blues Songs to Learn on Guitar


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81. See See Rider | The Animals

See See Rider | The Animals

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

This blues is in the key of C but the tricky part is it stretches the form and plays everything double the length as a typical 12-bar blues.

82. Side Tracked | Freddie King

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate 

Here’s a great exercise for your picking hand. The majority of the melody of the song is played using a lot of triplets.

83. Side Tracked | Freddie King Solo

84. Spoonful | Cream

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

This classic Willie Dixon tune being interpreted by Cream is chock full of great blues licks.

85. Steppin' Out | John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

An uptempo blues instrumental featuring Clapton at a pivotal point in his career.

86. Steppin' Out | Solo Lesson | John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

Steppin' Out | Solo Lesson | John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

And of course, the solo to go with it.

87. Stevie's Blues | Tommy Emmanuel

Stevie's Blues | Tommy Emmanuel

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Here’s a blues in the key of E that Tommy Emmanuel said was inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

88. Still Got The Blues | Gary Moore Rhythm Lesson

Still Got The Blues | Gary Moore Rhythm Lesson

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

A soulful minor blues in a 6/8 time signature by the blues legend Gary Moore.

89. Stormy Monday | Allman Brothers Band

Stormy Monday | Allman Brothers Band

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Here’s a must-know slow blues tune. Originally written by T-Bone Walker, this lesson breaks down the classic Allman Brothers Band cover from the Live at the Fillmore East record. Click here for a longer lesson on this one. 

90. Strange Brew | Cream

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

This blues is in the key of A and here Cream is adding a psychedelic sound to the style.

91. Stumble Soloing Lesson | Freddie King

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate 

This one is in the key of E but starts on the IV chord A. It also uses a 16-bar chord progression with a classic I-VI-II-V turnaround progression.

92. Sunshine Of Your Love | Cream

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Again this one isn’t a traditional blues however it is heavily influenced by the blues. From the main riff which is primarily just the blues scale, to the song form which follows a 12-bar structure.

93. Sweet Home Chicago | Eric Clapton

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate 

Another classic Robert Johnson tune, however, this version is a lot more rocking.

94. Sweet Home Chicago | The Blues Brothers

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Unlock your Chicago blues-style guitar chops with this opening lead and blues guitar part.

95. T-Bone Blues | T-Bone Walker

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

T-Bone Blues is in the key of G and is all based around one of Walker’s favorite chords the major 6 chord.

96. T-Bone Shuffle Melody | T-Bone Walker

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

T-Bone shuffle is in the key of Ab and uses a simple melody that goes over each chord in the blues.

97. Thrill Is Gone | B.B. King

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate 

One of B.B. King’s most monumental recordings. The Thrill Is Gone is in the key of Bm and has the unique twist of a blues song with orchestral strings. For a longer lesson on this song click here.

98. Wash Out | Freddie King

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Here’s a great approach to how to play rhythm over a blues progression in the key of G in the style of Freddie King.

99. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? | Leadbelly

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

A soulful acoustic blues classic in a ¾ time signature.

100. Wipeout | The Safaris

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Again this one is not as a traditional blues, however, it still uses the same 12-bar blues structure and is a great example of how to take a riff through the blues.

101. Wrap It Up | Fabulous Thunderbirds

Level: ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¸Intermediate

Wrap It Up went to number 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and features the incredible Jimmie Vaughan on guitar.


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The world of blues guitar is a treasure trove of soulful melodies, expressive techniques, and heartfelt emotions. Throughout this blog post, I've only scratched the surface of the vast landscape of blues music and explored the 101 best blues songs to learn on guitar. From legendary pioneers like Robert Johnson and B.B. King to modern masters like Stevie Ray Vaughan, each song on this list carries its own unique charm and significance.

By immersing ourselves in the blues, we've discovered the raw power of bending strings, the art of storytelling through music, and the ability to channel our innermost emotions into every note we play. The blues is not just a genre of music; it's a language that transcends time, culture, and boundaries. It's a form of self-expression that connects us to a rich history and unites musicians and listeners around the world.

Whether you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of blues guitar or an experienced player seeking new challenges, these 101 songs provide an excellent foundation for your blues journey. They encompass a wide range of styles, tempos, and moods, allowing you to explore the many facets of this incredible genre.

So pick up your guitar, dive into these songs, and let the blues guide your fingers and touch your soul. Happy playing!

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