How To Play Here Comes The Sun On Guitar | Beatles Guitar Lesson + Tutorial | Abbey Road Series #7

Today is song #7 in the Abbey Road Series and it's how to play "Here Comes The Sun" on guitar by the Beatles!

If this is the first video you have seen in this series, I am posting a brand new song lesson each week on how to play every single song from the Beatles album Abbey Road!

This song uses a unique guitar technique where you strum and arpeggio pick melody notes all at the same time!

I like to think of it more as a strumming song, but with your strum hand you have to learn to bring out specific melody notes as you go along. One of the tricks to doing this is keeping your strum hand moving down/up in an eighth note strumming pattern.

George also plays some beautiful acoustic guitar fills in between the sections that make this song a staple for for any acoustic guitar player's repertoire.

In "Here Comes The Sun" you are going to use techniques like slides, pull-offs, and even time signature changes. I'll break it all down for you in today's featured lesson.

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