How To Play You Never Give Me Your Money | Beatles Guitar Lesson + Tutorial | Abbey Road Series #9

Today is song #9 in the Abbey Road Series and it's how to play "You Never Give Me Your Money" on guitar by the Beatles!

If this is the first video you have seen in this series, I am posting a brand new song lesson each week on how to play every single song from the Beatles album Abbey Road!

In this lesson I have taken that classic piano intro and arranged the chords for guitar so this would be a great accompaniment part to play behind a singer.

In the second section of this song, we incorporate a walking blues style bass line . Bass lines can be great to mix in to your rhythm guitar playing to add some variety. Now there are quite a few sections and different chord progressions to cover so stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow, but today's lesson is going to cover the first half of the song.

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