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3 Simple Arpeggios To Use To Finally Play Perfect Blues Guitar Solos

One of the things that a lot of my students have emailed me about on my website and in my programs is that when they are improvising either they're playing along with backing tracks or jamming with a band. And when they play their solos and they finish a lick, a lot of the times they feel like they're ending on a wrong note, or they're not quite landing how they would like in the musical phrase.

So in this video I want to talk about playing over a blues in the key of G and give you just some simple landing points that you can use in your solos right away.

Alright so let's get straight into it now if we're playing a blues in the key of G typically we're going to have just 3 chords as our essential blues pattern, and those chords are going to be G, C and D. 

Now in the Blues a lot of times those chords are all played as sevenths so that's going to be a G7 a C7 and a D7. Each one of those chords is actually made up of four notes. So what we're going to do is...

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