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How To Play Back Door Man On Guitar With TABS | Howlin' Wolf Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

In today's lesson you'll learn how to play "Back Door Man" as recorded by Howlin' Wolf on guitar. This song was originally written by Willie Dixon, and it's what I call a one chord blues or just a vamp blues. The whole song is based off a riff around an E7 chord. Let's break it down!

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How To Play Evil Is Going On On Guitar | Howlin' Wolf Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Halloween is coming up this week and so let's learn a spooky blues song from the great Howlin' Wolf! One of my favorite blues albums is "Moanin' in the Moonlight" and this song is track #7. It's a blues in the key of G and it combines the essential I, IV, and V chords with a single note riff. Let's break it down.

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