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How To Play The Seeker On Guitar | The Who Guitar Lesson + Tutorial + TABS

the seeker the who May 12, 2021

In this video you'll learn how to play "The Seeker" as recorded by the Who on guitar. This song is in the key of A, and Pete Townshend uses some quick 16th-note rhythms as he changes between standard open position chords. I'll show you how to play the whole song from top to bottom and when you're done with this lesson you'll have everything you need to play right along with the original recording!

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How To Play Magic Bus On Guitar | The Who (Live At Leeds) Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

magic bus the who Feb 28, 2021

Let's learn how to play "Magic Bus" on guitar as recorded by the Who from the Live At Leeds album. This song is in the key of A and this lesson is based off this version on YouTube:

I'll break down the main rhythm guitar pattern as well as an epic bluesy lead part that comes in about 3:50 sec. Let's dive in!

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