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B.B. King Blues Licks Made Easy

blues Mar 28, 2023

Today I want to bust a myth floating around out there in the guitar world about guitar solos! For some reason a lot of players, especially ones that are newer to improvising often think, “Well to really be doing it, I have to be able to play up and down my entire guitar neck”, or “I'm not really a soloist until I've mastered all the positions of my pentatonic scales, and blues scales etc.”

Maybe they had a teacher tell them in a lesson, well if you want to solo you’ve got to learn more theory first. I love how often guitar players speak of music theory as if it's some magic pill. Like “oh yeah just learn more theory, and then it will all make sense, and you’ll be able to solo.”

While that stuff isn’t going to hurt you, and yes, if you want to become a complete zen master musical guru than by all means study it all.

However, is it necessary to know a lot if you just want to start playing some licks or trying a...

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#1 MUST-KNOW Scale For Blues Guitarists

blues Mar 26, 2023

Do you find yourself wondering how to get a bluesy sound out of your guitar?
Are you trying to learn to play like B.B. King, Buddy Guy, or Eric Clapton?

Well if so this lesson can help!

In this guitar lesson, I am going to share with you the #1 scale that you need to know for playing blues guitar. 

Blues Scale Theory

The scale we are going to cover here is the blues scale, so let's first start by talking a bit about the theory and how this scale is constructed. The blues scale is a six note scale, and to form this scale we can start on any note, and play a sequence of other notes after it and this will build the scale. The intervals of this scale go like this: 

  • 1 (root note)
  • b3 (minor third)
  • 4 (perfect fourth)
  • b5 (diminished fifth)
  • 5 (perfect fifth)
  • b7 (minor seventh)

Now it's important to note: that when guitarists typically refer to the blues scale what they actually mean is the minor blues scale. So this is what we are building here, and when you use these...

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