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Kansas Dust In The Wind Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

dust in the wind kansas Feb 22, 2022

Kansas Dust In The Wind Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

After coaching thousands of students on how to get started playing fingerstyle guitar, I have found that there are a few common challenges and frustrations with getting started playing without a pick.

Challenge #1: How do I achieve thumb and finger independence?

Challenge #2: What are the essential picking patterns to learn as there must be dozens? Which ones do I need to know to play songs, and how do I play them as the chords change?

Challenge #3: How do I get FAST RESULTS?

Well if you've always wanted to play fingerstyle guitar, but you're not sure where to start what I would recommend is beginning with a simple fingerpicking pattern. This will help jumpstart your fingerpicking hand and immediately start getting you going in this style.

In this video you'll learn a classic fingerstyle tune that uses primarily one little fingerpicking pattern throughout the whole song. Now if you are a total beginner I only want you to...

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