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Jimi Hendrix Foxey Lady Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

foxey lady jimi hendrix Mar 29, 2022

Level: Advanced

Jimi Hendrix Foxey Lady Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Discover some incredible Hendrix guitar techniques and tricks in today's video on how to play "Foxey Lady" as recorded by Jimi Hendrix on guitar.

Now Hendrix used A LOT of unconventional guitar techniques in his playing style. So many of which are right at home on a Fender Stratocaster guitar, the make and model he was most known for playing.

I'm going to explain a number of them in this video, a lot of them are rooted in blues guitar, and also using the thumb of the fretting hand to play notes, something he was well known for doing.

I don't typically use pedals much on the channel unless there is a specific sound I am going for that I can't get from an amp/guitar, but today is one of those songs.

In this video I plugged in a fuzz pedal, which is a pedal that Hendrix used on a lot of his recordings.

The pedal creates a tone that is a heavily saturated guitar signal, altering the sound to a plain square wave with...

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